Oak, Gates, Signs and CNC

Green Oak

The term 'green oak' is normally used to describe timber that is freshly sawn from recently felled trees. This means that the oak has not yet gone through the drying process. Structures that are made from this resilient timber have an very long life expectancy. Over time you will be able to watch the wood change indoors turning golden and silver where the light hits it. Due to its resilient nature Green Oak is usually used outdoors for structures such as pergola's,  gazebo's, roof trusses, barn conversions and any other garden structures you may require.  


We offer a wide range of different gate styles in hardwoods or softwoods, some examples of the gates that we are able to provide are as follows but this list is not exhaustive
driveway gates, standard 5 bar gates, TVG boarded, bead and butt boarded, palisade pedestrian gates we offer a wide range of designs however we are also able to make completely bespoke designs to suit you and your situation. 


We can construct a wide variety of signs in any wood from notice boards, pin boards, glazed cases, house signs, directional markers, finger posts and monoliths, roof structures or any other signs you might require. 


Our CNC machine enables us to repeat the same operation numerous times, engrave - this can be basic or intricate, cut shapes, company logos, templates, curved work, pretty much anything that you can think of.